We Hope That You Join Us

Introduction to our family of companies.

Become an affiliate of our family of products, which includes My Private CEO Program and WealthFor.Me. This gives you life-changing access to tools that develop you personally and professionally in both your credit building and wealth building journey while making extra income!  Monthly subscription must be maintained to receive payment on referrals.

Affiliate Benefits

Referral Opportunities in the Quickshare APP

(payouts to affiliates vary based on referral production)
  1. Funding Program – Personal or business funding for people with high credit scores (Fees based on the percentage of approval amount)
  2. Wealth Building Membership – Monthly membership that coaches you to high credit scores and multiple streams of income.
  3. NextGen Invite – Make money investing in real estate without investment capital (Earn for each person you sign up or for deals that you submit even without your personal investment)
  4. Business Credit Funding (no personal credit/guarantor needed)

Important Affiliate Links

Most page links should be sent to prospective clients through your Quickshare App to properly track your referrals. We are providing them here for reference to increase your familiarity with our options.